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Ditech Mortgage originates as well as services loans originated at ditech or other lenders. It also services loans held by the now defunct Green Tree Servicing. It is owned by Walter Investment Management Company, which bought it from Ally Financial, earlier known as GMAC ResCap.

Green Tree and ditech are now one company, so the existing borrowers from former can make payments to ditech, instead of Green Tree. The payment options, online login website and other services remain the same for customers of both the companies.

Ditech Mortgage Payment Options

A number of options are available to pay mortgages – auto pay, instant electronic payment, your bank’s bill pay service, automated phone payment, agent-assisted phone payment, postal mail, Western Union, and MoneyGram. Please note that not all options are free.

The best way to pay mortgages is to choose an online payment option, such as auto pay or your bank’s bill pay service. They are free and possibly the easiest and most convenient. You can even use a mobile app to make the process even faster.

Before using any of these options, you must ensure that you are registered at myaccount.ditech.com, which serves as the ditech mortgage online payment kiosk. Also ensure that you are signed in to your account when doing the transactions.

You can also mail your payments. The mailing address is as follows.

Ditech Payment Processing
PO Box 660934
Dallas, TX 75266-0934

The overnight mailing address is as follows.

Ditech Financial LLC
Attn: 660934
1501 N. Plano Road
Suite 100
Richardson, TX 75081

Note that the mailing address on your statement may be different. Also, you need to include the coupon if you receive a paper statement. To request for a payoff quote or contact the payoff department, you need to login to your online mortgage account.

Your payment must reach ditech before the end of the late fee assessment date, which is usually 15 days from the due date and is known as grace period. It is possible to change the due date, but the grace period offered will remain the same.

Does Ditech offer mortgage assistance?

Borrowers facing financial hardships may contact the loss mitigation department at 1-800-643-0202 and talk to a representative. The representative might suggest a home retention or home selling option. Among the home retention options include refinancing, forbearance, or a loan modification program. Those who can’t keep their home may be guided for a short sale or deed-in-lieu to avoid a foreclosure.

Ditech Mortgage Customer Service

The customers of ditech as well as Green Tree Servicing can call 1-800-643-0202 to contact the mortgage customer service department. They can send their queries by mail also.

Ditech Customer Service
PO Box 6172
Rapid City, SD 57709-6172

To process an emergency claim check, you need to contact the loss draft department. The mailing address is as follows.

Ditech Financial, LLC
Attn: Claims Department – R218
1400 Turbine Drive
Rapid City, SD 57703

To make a loan assumption enquiry, contact the loan assumption department, which might take 45-90 days to process the request and send a package upon approval. Note that not all loans are assumable.

The escrow department can be contacted if you need to request a ditech escrow account. The process begins when you fax the completed escrow request form to the number printed on the form.

Here are the details for ditech loss payee clause, which is not the same as a mortgagee clause.

Ditech Financial LLC
Its affiliates and/or assigns
PO Box 979282
Miami, FL 33197-9282



  1. My Nationstar Mortgage has been transferred to ditech. How do I log into my new account 828809632?
    Please advise.


    Lori Johnson

  2. Sharon Shinn-Smith on

    Account Loan # 0034940056. I need to make a change of address to: Sharon Shinn-Smith 3645 West Starr Pass Blvd. Tucson, Arizona 85745. I need a payoff amount as I am currently marketing this property and need to know how much I owe in order to accept a Contract. Thank you and Happy New Year.

  3. Deloris E. Pinkard on

    LOAN # 68701270
    It appears that I am listed as a mortgager on a re-finance loan initiated by Marlene O. Haynes on two properties (a duplex) located at 828 and 830 North 89th Street in Kansas City, KS, 66112. The paperwork I am viewing indicates that BOTh sides of the duplex are involved in the re-finance and therein lies my questions to you.
    1 – Does this re-finance contain my signature as a responsible party for this re-finance?
    2 – Have both addresses – 828 North 89h Street. and 830 North 89th Street been included as collateral for this re-finance?
    3 – If the answers to # 1 and/or 2 here are “YES”, please send me copies of the paperwork confirming my participation in the re-finance and that the property which belongs to me (830 North 89th Street, K. C. KS 66112) has also been re-financed.
    4- Please let me know if there is any easy way for my property and my person to be removed from participation in this second mortgage/ re-finance?
    I recognize that legal assistance may be required in order for me to extricate myself from the re-finance but I am starting with any direction/ or confirmation/ or denial of my fiscal obligation on this re-finance that your company might be able to provide to me.
    In 1993, I purchased the property at 830 North 89th Street in K. C. KS as a residence for my mother who recently passed away on December 11, 2015. It is this event that has caused me to investigate the questions here, and that , my sister, Marlene O.Haynes who is now purchasing the address of 828 North 89th Street. Marlene is being unresponsive to my questions about the actions she may have taken in regard to the property (ties). If there is difficulty with properly maintaining the payments on this loan, I ask that, as a property owner, I would be advised of such BEFORE any negative actions would be initiated by your company.
    I need to know if I am party to Marlene O. Haynes’ fiscal actions and responsibilities to your company, as well as whether I might easily extricate myself and my property at 830 North 89th Street from the financial responsibility/consequences. As I stated, I purchased the property at 830 North 89th Street in K, C, KS 66112 for my mother’s residence at NO cost at any time to her. Personally, I have never resided at that location. However, I do wish to maintain my ownership in the [property. I do want to keep it.
    It is through Wells Fargo (Marlene’s initial re-finance company) that I have received information that you are now the owner of this mortgage/re-finance. It is my intent to protect my interest in the properties which appear to b part of this mortgage loan.
    If you need further information from me in order to continue this communication, please e-mail me at this address and/or call my home number at 913-334-6476. Any assistance you may provide will be appreciated.
    Thank you,
    Deloris E. Pinkard
    depinkard@gmail com
    7823 Walker Avenue
    Kansas City, KS 66112

  4. David A. Walsh on

    In addition to being a Real Estate Broker I am a neighbor and President of my Homeowners Association in Vero Beach Florida. A property your company inherited from Greentree Tree Servicing has apparently been abandoned by the owner. I have written them offering as a neighbor to watch the place, or as a Realtor to lease or sell the home. They have not responded to my communications.

    The home is in a nice neighborhood. My company just sold a home on a contiguous lot for $210,000.00. My concern is with no one taking care of the property it will become a mess. Another home left in the same condition became so bad it had to be completely gutted at a considerable loss.

    In view of the foregoing I ask that someone looks into this and turns what could be a disaster a winner. There is still time to salvage a good home.

    The address is 728 24th Square, Vero Beach Fl, 32962 – Owners: Dean R. & Sandy J. Hager

  5. Steven G Farnsworth on

    I need to set up payments for a Greentree Loan that was turned over to Ditech Financial, I live in the Philippines and have no Idea how to get in contact with this company.

  6. Ditech has overcharged me on my property taxes, and has paid unauthorized bills out of my escrow account, and not accepting my payments. BUYER BEWARE, they ARE CROOKS!!

  7. Ronald mancini on

    The falcon legal group has been working with your company to get my mortgage discounted I keep getting requests for more and more paper work I have been fighting cancer and I don’t know why after all this time my mortgage has not been discounted my name is Ronald Mancini social is 017340417 my telephone number is 7816088182

  8. Mayor Joan Powell on

    Good Afternoon. My name is Joan Powell. I am currently serving as the Mayor in Wellington, Utah. I believe you have a home financed in Wellington, the people who were purchasing the home, supposedly walked away. I was wondering what kind of help we can receive from your company with the cleaning up of the yard. We are very dry and the weeds are very high. Can you help me with this matter?

  9. Harold and Joy Grim on

    Ditech doesnt answer customer complaints.
    Ditech doesnt report proper paymenta to credit bureaus when u have reaffirmed thw loan. They will say u did not reaffirm.
    Ditech will keep unfair charges on ur loan u have proven shouldnt there.
    Ditech abuses its customers.
    Ditech has to pay a huge fine for their abuse.
    Ditech takes a year or answer a year or more to answer cuatomers needs. Then they aend a letter that does not resolve problem. DONT EVER USE DITECH.

  10. I keep receiving mail from Ditech for my DECEASED mother. The home has already been foreclosed on. The problem I am having is that there is not a return address on the envelope yet the envelope says NOT TO BE OPENED BY ADDRESSES ONLY, PERSONAL AND CONFIDENTIAL and across the bottom it says $2000 fine or up to 5 Yrs. imprisonment or both for any person who interferes with or obstructs delivery of this letter-18 United States Codes 1702…There is no return address on the envelope so how am I able to send it back???!!! I will not open it because I am not her and since you opted to not put a return address on the envelope my hands are tied. It also says second attempt which I can assure you she never received a first attempt. What do you expect people like me to do about a situation like this?!!!

  11. I paid off my loan with Ditech only to find recently that I was charged for insurance that I never had with them. Always carried my own home owners insurance with no lpse. They cannot provide me with any documentation of a lapse but yet billed me almost 800.00 for insurance. Also, in reviewing my payment history over the years I noticed that when additional payments were made on the principal it was applied to the interest instead. This means I paid more than I should have as a pay off because of their failure to properly document my payments. This company is a crook.

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