Bank of America Mortgage Payment – Mailing Address, Online

It is important to keep your mortgage account current to avoid a late payment or default, which can eventually lead to a more serious problem. To help its customers pay on time, Bank of America has put in place a number of options, such as online payment and payment by mail, over phone and with credit card. Select an option that you are comfortable with and try not to default on your loan.

Which is the Best Option to Keep Current on BOA Mortgage Payment?

If you are Internet savvy, you might like to pay your bills and mortgages online. If you have a computer or a high-end mobile device and a secure Internet connection, you won’t find anything better than paying your Bank of America mortgages online.

Some people may find it safer to visit a mortgage payment center personally and clear their dues every month. Others may like the comfort of paying over a telephone or using their credit card. Moreover, you can review your loan documents to find the address where you can send your payments by mail as well.

How to Pay Bank of America Mortgage Online?

You need to sign up and obtain your username and password to use the Bank of America online payment services. If you have not enrolled, you can do so now by visiting a relevant page of Once you are ready with all necessary login details, you can sign in to your account and press the Bill Pay tab or Transfers tab. You will see instructions on how you can schedule automatic recurring payments or make a one-time payment.

If you have a checking or savings account at Bank of America or any other bank in the United States, you can avail the services of PayPlan and MortgagePay at no extra cost. You can call the online banking customer service at 1.800.933.6262 to obtain more information about the various online payment services of the bank. Moreover, you can also dial the Bank of America mortgage customer service phone number 1.800.669.6607 for more information in this regard.

Where to send Bank of America Payments by mail?

Bank of America mortgage payment address may vary depending upon the state you live. You can deposit checks at a nearest bank branch or send your payment via mail or Western Union. Take a look at your loan documents to find the address where you can send your mortgage payments.

If you are a resident of Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, California, Nevada, Idaho, Oregon and Washington, you need to address your payments to its servicing company located in Los Angeles.

One the other hand, the residents of Connecticut, Maine, Delaware, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, District of Columbia, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Hampshire, Michigan, North Carolina, South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia, Tennessee and West Virginia should mail their payments to Wilmington in Delaware.

If you are living in a state not mentioned above, then you must send your monthly mortgage payment to Dallas in Texas.

If you could not pay your mortgage amount on time, you may be charged a late fee and can pay by both methods online or mailing address.

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