CapWest Mortgage, Payment and Customer Service

CapWest Mortgage is a call center based company that intends to serve homebuyers, focusing on consumer-direct sources of business. The company boasts of an infrastructure that enables a borrower to apply online easily and seek great customer service through well-experienced loan officers.

Headquartered in Kansas, CapWest Mortgage now operates as a division of California-based Prospect Mortgage, which the latter acquired from Farmers Bank & Trust in 2015. Its mortgage loan products are now available throughout the nation.

CapWest allows you to see real-time mortgage rates online on its website. The rates may be lower than the national average, which is what makes it popular among home loan borrowers. Besides, it also simplifies things, requiring less paperwork, lowering fees & closing costs, and streamlining the application process.

CapWest Mortgage Payment

Existing customers can register for online access to their accounts. They need to sign up, providing details of their mortgages originated at CapWest, and generating a User ID and Password to sign in to their account at loan administration website.

The account login process also involves answering a few security questions that you have set up during the registration process. If you experience online login or payment issues, then you can call 913-689-3586 for instant help. You can also email at

Troubled borrowers can contact the loss mitigation department at (877) 909-9416 for mortgage payment help, which can range from loan modification, forbearance and repayment plan to short sale and deed in Lieu.

CapWest Mortgage Customer Service

The customer service phone number for existing clients is 913-689-3586. You can also contact the customer service department online via a contact form available at its website

The mailing address of its headquarters located in Kansas is as follows. 7500 West 160th Street

Stilwell, KS 66085

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