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Ditech Mortgage originates as well as services loans originated at ditech or other lenders. It also services loans held by the now defunct Green Tree Servicing. It is owned by Walter Investment Management Company, which bought it from Ally Financial, earlier known as GMAC ResCap.

Green Tree and ditech are now one company, so the existing borrowers from former can make payments to ditech, instead of Green Tree. The payment options, online login website and other services remain the same for customers of both the companies.

Ditech Mortgage Payment Options

A number of options are available to pay mortgages – auto pay, instant electronic payment, your bank’s bill pay service, automated phone payment, agent-assisted phone payment, postal mail, Western Union, and MoneyGram. Please note that not all options are free.

The best way to pay mortgages is to choose an online payment option, such as auto pay or your bank’s bill pay service. They are free and possibly the easiest and most convenient. You can even use a mobile app to make the process even faster.

Before using any of these options, you must ensure that you are registered at myaccount.ditech.com, which serves as the ditech mortgage online payment kiosk. Also ensure that you are signed in to your account when doing the transactions.

You can also mail your payments. The mailing address is as follows.

Ditech Payment Processing PO Box 660934

Dallas, TX 75266-0934

The overnight mailing address is as follows.

Ditech Financial LLC Attn: 660934 1501 N. Plano Road Suite 100

Richardson, TX 75081

Note that the mailing address on your statement may be different. Also, you need to include the coupon if you receive a paper statement. To request for a payoff quote or contact the payoff department, you need to login to your online mortgage account.

Your payment must reach ditech before the end of the late fee assessment date, which is usually 15 days from the due date and is known as grace period. It is possible to change the due date, but the grace period offered will remain the same.

Does Ditech offer mortgage assistance?

Borrowers facing financial hardships may contact the loss mitigation department at 1-800-643-0202 and talk to a representative. The representative might suggest a home retention or home selling option. Among the home retention options include refinancing, forbearance, or a loan modification program. Those who can’t keep their home may be guided for a short sale or deed-in-lieu to avoid a foreclosure.

Ditech Mortgage Customer Service

The customers of ditech as well as Green Tree Servicing can call 1-800-643-0202 to contact the mortgage customer service department. They can send their queries by mail also.

Ditech Customer Service PO Box 6172

Rapid City, SD 57709-6172

To process an emergency claim check, you need to contact the loss draft department. The mailing address is as follows.

Ditech Financial, LLC Attn: Claims Department – R218 1400 Turbine Drive

Rapid City, SD 57703

To make a loan assumption enquiry, contact the loan assumption department, which might take 45-90 days to process the request and send a package upon approval. Note that not all loans are assumable.

The escrow department can be contacted if you need to request a ditech escrow account. The process begins when you fax the completed escrow request form to the number printed on the form.

Here are the details for ditech loss payee clause, which is not the same as a mortgagee clause.

Ditech Financial LLC Its affiliates and/or assigns PO Box 979282

Miami, FL 33197-9282

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