Everhome/TIAA Mortgage Payment, Payoff, Phone Number

Everhome Bank has now been acquired by New York based TIAA Bank. As a result, EverBank is now TIAA Bank.

Everhome is the mortgage servicing division of TIAA Bank headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. You can pay mortgages, make payment online, set up auto pay, check out escrow information and see your 1098 mortgage interest statements online at Everhome Mortgage. The company is said to have a servicing and subservicing portfolio of over 400 thousand loans.

EverBank, on the other hand, can make new loans, offering borrowers a wide choice of home financing options, including fixed-rate mortgages and ARMs. The bank can even help refinance your existing home loan or obtain a home equity loan. At the end of the year 2014, the bank had $21.6 billion in assets and $15.5 billion in deposits.

Everhome Mortgage Payment Address

Borrowers have a range of options to make payments at Everhome. They can pay online, have their mortgage payment automatically deducted from a checking or savings account, send the check to a mailing address, and can even pay by phone.

You need to provide the loan number, the last four digits of your Social Security Number and the property zip code to make payment online.

To set up AutoPay, you need to log in with your User ID and Password. You must register first to be able to log in to your account and use the service. For issues related to mortgage login, you can call 1-800-669-9721.

You can also make payment by phone. Just call the toll-free number 1-800-669-9721, enter your loan number and select option 6. The mailing address to send your payment may vary according to your location. The following are the addresses of the company’s East Coast and West Coast Centers.

East Coast Center TIAA Bank, P.O. Box 71229

Charlotte, NC 2‌8272-1229

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