Provident Funding – Mortgage Payment and Customer Service

Founded in 1992, Provident Funding calls itself the market leader in mortgage price and loan rate. The company claims to offer the price advantage through its commitment to a low cost structure and guaranteed transfer of cost savings to end users.

It will be a worthwhile exercise to learn about the cost of homeownership. The real cost of a mortgage loan includes down payment, interest and closing cost. It will really be helpful if you can keep the rate of interest to the lowest.

Provident Funding is also known for its mortgage origination technology, customer-oriented culture and quick loan process. As a direct lender, it can offer a one-stop solution, though it has offices throughout the nation.

Currently, Provident Funding maintains a loan servicing portfolio of $60 billion and nearly 300,000 customers.

Provident Funding Mortgage Payment

The payments are due on the first day of every month. However, you are offered a grace period of 15 days, after which you may have to pay a late fee as well.

There are four ways to make payments at Provident Funding.

You can log in to your online account to pay mortgages. You must register to successfully sign in to your account.

You can set up monthly AutoPay, which allows your servicer to automatically withdraw from your account every month. This is the best way to ensure you never default on your home mortgage.

You can send your payments by mail. The ordinary mailing address is as follows.

Provident Funding Associates, L.P. Attn: Payment Processing P.O. Box 513738

Los Angeles, CA 90051-3738

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