Third Federal Savings and Loan – Mortgage Options & Customer Service

Third Federal Savings and Loan was founded by Ben and Gerome Stefanski in 1938 with the sole purpose of helping the people of the Slavic Village community. The bank has helped a large number of customers realize their dream of homeownership.

Now, Third Federal Savings and Loan has over $11 billion in assets and it has become a major player in the mortgage industry of Florida and Ohio. The bank has branches and ATMs only in Ohio and Florida. You can use the branch locator tool available on the bank website to find a nearby ATM or branch in your area.

Whether you are looking to refinance your existing home loan or buy a home with a new mortgage, Third Federal Savings and Loan can help you get the right loan from a variety of mortgage options available.

If you want a fixed monthly principal payment and interest rate throughout the life of the loan, a fixed-rate mortgage is what you are looking for. This mortgage option offers standard 60-day rate lock, low fixed rates for condos, and 10, 15, and 30-year terms availability.

If you need a bigger loan for a bigger home, a jumbo loan from Third Federal can get you the amount you need. You can further receive a rate reduction when your loan is over $417,000. A $295 low closing cost option is available with this mortgage option.

The bank offers smart rate adjustable mortgages with rate relock options and this mortgage option offers lower fixed interest rate for the initial period. The rate gets adjusted annually once the fixed rate period is over.

Another loan option offered by the bank is the 10-year mortgage that comes with a number of benefits such as no PMI with 85% loan to value, about 1/2% lower than typical 15-year fixed rate, available on loan terms 6-10 years, and a $295 Low Closing Cost options available. Making a mortgage payment is very simple as you can login to your account through online banking and make your mortgage payment online.

Mortgage Customer Service

The bank provides reliable customer service to its mortgage customers. Whether you need some information regarding a new mortgage or want to get some details about your existing mortgage, you can speak with a bank representative anytime to want.

You can call the customer service department at the following numbers: Customer Service: 1-800-THIRD-FED

(TDD hearing-impaired: 216-429-5160)

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