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Founded in 1991, United Mortgage Corp. is a thriving mortgage lender operated by a combined team of experience mortgage officers having years of experience in the mortgage industry. These professionals will help you find the best available lending options and assist you through the mortgage application process.

United Mortgage is a reliable lender approved by Veterans Administration, Federal Housing Administration, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, and Ginnie Mae. The mortgage experts of the company will guide you through mortgage processing, underwriting, and loan closing and funding process.

Mortgage Options from United Mortgage Corp.

Like many other leading mortgage lenders, United Mortgage also offers a range of loan options to choose from. Whether you are a first time homebuyer or an existing homeowner looking to lower your mortgage payment, you can get an affordable rate mortgage that meets your needs.

The company offers fixed rate mortgages that allow you to get the benefits of fixed interest rate and monthly mortgage payments for the entire period of the loan. The most common fixed rate loans are the 30-year fixed and 15-year fixed mortgages.Benefits of a fixed rate loans include security of consistent interest rate and monthly payments and no pre-payment penalties.

If you have less than good credit score but still need a mortgage, an FHA loan may be able to fulfill your needs. It’s very natural to have financial problems and it should not keep you from getting a mortgage to finance a home. FICA scores required for an FHA loan could be quite lower than those for conventional loans.

The company provides VA mortgages for active duty military members, military veterans, and surviving spouses. VA loans are backed by the Federal Government and they bring a number of benefits for the borrowers such as competitive rates, flexible terms, no down payment and no private mortgage insurance requirement. These loans are also available for new home purchase or refinancing options.

United Mortgage also offers adjustable rate mortgages where the interest rates remain fixed for a certain period of time. After this fixed rate period, the interest rate is adjusted based on prevailing market conditions. Usually, the fixed rate period is for five or seven years and you will pay lower interest during this fixed period.

Refinancing your existing mortgage will allow you to lower your monthly mortgage payments and also reduce the time to pay off your loan. The company offers low rates, easy online application and refinancing available for all types of mortgages.

United Mortgage Customer Service

The company takes the assistance of its customers very seriously and it employs experienced customer service representatives to solve the queries and complaints. Listed below are some of the customer service numbers related to various aspects of your mortgage.

Sales:(800) 681-2409
Customer Service:(800) 462-4862

Loan Servicing Information: Collections:(855) 230-0479 Customer Service:(855) 230-0465

Insurance Fax:(855) 640-4865

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