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TCF Bank, headquartered in Wayzata, offers home financing and other retail and commercial banking services in Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, Colorado, Wisconsin, Indiana, Arizona and South Dakota through its own brick-and-mortar branches. Many of its services may be available in all 50 states through one or the other subsidiary of the bank, which also has a presence in Canada.

Mortgage Application at TCF

Conventional mortgages at TCF come with features like low interest rates, convenient options and personalized service.

How is TCF mortgage helpful for first time home buyers?

The biggest problem with first time home buyers is that they usually don’t have enough savings for down payment and other upfront costs. A lender may, typically, want you to buy private mortgage insurance (PMI) if you are not able to put down the required money at closing. At TCF, you may be able to obtain a second mortgage to fund down payment and many upfront costs, thus avoiding the need of PMI.

How can TCF help an existing homeowner?

Borrowers can pay off a higher rate first or second mortgage with a TCF refinancing option. If you are having difficulty in making monthly payments, you should immediately contact the customer service of the bank for its loan modification and repayment options. A refinance loan can be a great way to avail low interest rate of TCF Bank.

How can I go about applying at TCF?

You can apply online or visit a bank branch to submit your application in person. Moreover, you can also call the customer service phone number to talk to a mortgage consultant and decide on a loan option.

TCF Mortgage Customer Service

The phone number to contact TCF mortgage customer service is 1-800-823-5363. You can call this number to get started with your application and also for many payment-related queries.

Payoff Department

You can contact TCF mortgage payoff department by phone. Just dial the customer service number to know about the outstanding balance or payoff amount. You can also contact the lender at the branch where you closed your loan.

Loan Servicing

The mailing address to contact the customer service in case you have to report any error in the servicing of your loan is as follows.

TCF National Bank Customer Service

101 E. 5th St., Ste 101

St. Paul, MN 55101

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